Alberta Solar Business Directory

The Alberta Solar Business Directory is a resource for the general public to access businesses offering solar-related services in Alberta. You can filter this list by checking and unchecking the boxes on the right side of this page. Visit each company's listing to access information on: number of years in business, number of systems installed, credentials, case studies, and more. The companies listed support SESA's non-profit education programs through their membership.

The Solar Energy Society of Alberta does not endorse any specific company, nor does it guarantee the accuracy of the information listed or the quality of the service provided. Please contact us directly if any of the listed information is found not to be factual.

5 companies match your search criteria.


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Fronius Canada Ltd.

Mississauga, ON
(905) 288-2100

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Growing Greener Innovations

Edmonton, AB
(780) 488-0527

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Malina Solar Structures

Bowmanville, ON
(612) 388-0505

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NE Generation

Medicine Hat, AB
(403) 826-2668