Contracts for the Solar Industry - Autumn 2018


Saturday, November 17, 2018 - 9:00am to 4:30pm
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Mark Dyrbye - Retired R.E.T.


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This one-day workshop will explore the how to create great contracts for your Solar Installation Business with Alberta-specific examples.  In this session you will learn to:

  • Control construction costs, minimize risk, and reduce communication problems with a clearly written technical contract
  • How to write great contracts
  • How to evaluate and respond to Tender Documents
  • How to ensure contracts comply with the Alberta Solar Business Code of Conduct.

Workshop attendees will benefit from a sample template to build their own contracts, plus contract planning documents, and a copy of the extensive presentation.

This workshop focuses primarily on “Construction” contracts by ensuring project details, risks and variables are fully understood, so the proper technical details and participant responsibilities can become the core of these successful contracts. The non technical, legal considerations are also introduced, but to cover them in full would require more time than the one day workshop permits. Please view the attached document below to see the full course outline and description.

  • The sample template should not be the basis of a students contract. All students need to create their own. Students are encouraged to bring in a current contract to receive feedback from the teacher.
  • No digital contracts are provided to reduce the likelihood of copying the files verbatim. There are no digital templates because every contract and every business is different.

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Workshop instructor

  • Mark Dyrbye, has thirteen years experience creating and administering electrical construction contracts. His full biography can be viewed in the attached document. Please see the attached Instructor Biography for more information. 

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